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Tips To Enhance Brain Power In Kids – Genius Kidies

Tips To Enhance Brain Power In Kids – Genius Kidies

5 Simple Steps to Remove Kids Math Phobia

  1. The brain may benefit from any experience that challenges it. Learning new things, enrolling in classes, and engaging in “mental gymnastics” are some great tips as brain teasers for kids
  • Help your kind in trying their hand at different activities that challenge both your mind and your hands, such as drawing, painting, and other crafts.
  • There is no better activity than reading books to improve one’s brain power. Knowledgeable individuals have spent years or decades gathering data, analyzing it, and publishing their findings in books for everyone to read. Once your kids read that, it works like brain teasers for kids. 

  • Your kids’ brains are active when they’re asleep. Make sure the kids are having proper and sound sleep as it’s a great brain teaser for Kid’s tips. Because children typically sleep for longer periods of time and do so more soundly, their brains have plenty of time to organize everything for easy access in the future.
  • You design your own memory games that are tailored to your kids’ hobbies and academic requirements. Making the kids think via games and puzzles is a great way for a brain power booster. 
  • Your kids’ capacity for thought and concentration may suffer from excessive screen usage. Ensure the screen time on mobile, television and any other electronic device is not high.

Try these tips and we’re sure you’ll make your kid genius. We at Genius kids are a great platform for kids. Explore our brain teasers for kids section to know more. 

Ways to Increase the Patience in Your Child

5 Simple Methods to improve kids reasoning ability.

The capacity to wait or so called patience is a key characteristic of all successful people. So as a parent, you need to cultivate this in your child so that they become what they want to be in their life without any difficulty. 

Genius kids- an online competitive exam for 5th class student platform has come with four ways to instill patience. 

  1. Teaching children patience must involve them realize they can and should exercise self-control. Try various ways for the kids to do self-control. Do delay in agreeing with the demands. 
  • Start instilling patience in your youngster early on. Even if you’re asking them to remain quiet for a minute or two before filling up their sippy cup with additional milk, it’s a start. The older the kid, the harder to make patience. 
  • Guide your older kids to budget their spending and wait until they have the money to buy anything before giving in to impulse buys. Nothing teaches youngster patience quite like having to wait for something they really want to do. 
  • You need to understand that repeated effort can bring results. Make more, not fewer, excursions to the park if your kid has trouble waiting for his or her time on the swings. Your kid will learn to wait patiently with the assistance of repetition.


Try these tips, and they will surely bring results. Contact Genius Kids- Competitive exams for 5th class student’s platforms for mock tests and more. 

How to Improve the Math Skills in Your Child?

Math’s is no doubt one of the most complicated subjects and lots of children face difficulty in understanding its concepts. If your child also faces difficulty in understanding mathematical concepts then this blog will help you improve junior math’s class 3 skills. 

There are so many ways by which you can improve your child’s math skills at home. Following are some ways adapting to which you can improve your child’s math skills at home:-

Involve them in shopping

Involving your child in some shopping activities can help improve their math skills. You could make your child read the labels of products, compare the prices of different products and set a budget. It will help them understand numbers, some concepts of money and prices, and the value of money.

Teach them cooking

Teaching cooking to your child will help them improve their math skills as well as learn the most important life skills. You can involve them in reading food recipes and measuring and weighing ingredients. This will clarify their concepts about weights and measurements and leads to a good understanding of the subject of junior math’s class 3.

Play math games with your child

You can play different math games like dominoes, sudoku, chess, memory games, and cards with your child to improve their math skills. Your child will take math as a fun activity if you play these games with them, and they will start enjoying studying junior math’s class 3.

Encourage your child to practice math everyday

Math is a subject that cannot be understood if you do not practice it daily. Encourage your child to study math daily, even for just 15 minutes. Solving problems of math takes a lot of time, so you cannot rush things. You can also ask your child some mathematical questions to encourage them to think critically and apply their mathematical knowledge.


Follow the above-mentioned tips at the early stage to inculcate the habits of solving mathematics mostly day to day one. For mock tests, brain teasers, and other stuff that assists your kids in junior math’s class 3, explore Genius Kids. 

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