There are over 1500 employees interested in joining DYI, the company plans to halt its recruitment process for the next three months due to the volume of applications.


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DYI plans to stop its recruitment process for the next three months due to the volume of applications.

DYI plans to stop its recruitment process for the next three months due to the volume of applications.

DYI plans to stop its recruitment process for the next three months due to the volume of applications.

An employee’s termination from an organization is referred to as a layoff. This happens for business reasons, not because of the employee’s fault. According to business requirements, a corporation may lay off a single person or a group of employees all at once.

Due to the ongoing crisis ongoing in the market, many multinational Companies like Twitter, Meta, Amazon, Zomato, BYJUs, etc. are laying off their employees whether they are fresher or experienced and highly valued employees.

The reasons for the layoffs vary from cost-cutting to poor performance to economic difficulties. Some of the corporations were even penalize for their abrupt decisions. Many individuals lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic, and now this series of similar layoffs is causing worldwide outrage. The world’s economic crisis, as well as internal feuds among states, are also major factors in these layoffs. According to statistics, over 8000 workers have been laid off by their businesses in just the first half of 2022.

There are several causes, which differ from company to company. Some of the most typical reasons for layoffs are:

  • Companies are unable to adjust to the circumstances following the shutdown and epidemic.
  • Inflation is on the increase once more.
  • Companies that are experiencing financial troubles.
  • The corporate world’s funding is slowing.
  • Many businesses have stopped doing business with Russia as a result of the latter’s invasion of Ukraine.
  • Employee inefficiency in meeting targets.
  • Restructuring and modernization of a business.

Hence there is a huge demand for jobs for experienced as well as freshers.

Because of the market conditions, several start-ups have emerged and hired employees, and venture investors remain confident. This has created several chances for new entrepreneurs and early-stage enterprises. They are currently looking for new positions such as web developers, software engineers, SEO content writers, and many others.

Many top companies like Tata, Cap Gemini, Times Network, and DYI are hiring freshers and experienced people too.

But currently, More than 1500 applications have shown interest in working for DYI, and the company plans to stop hiring for the next three months as a result. DYI has halted its Hiring process because it received a huge number of candidate applications for a limited number of vacancies.


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