Lovely Bhati Studio “If there is no struggle, there is no progress.”


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Lovely Bhati Studio with( CEO and Owner Lovely Bhati) and (CFO Bhavesh Bhati) and (Prem Shankar Managing Director) is tackling the obstacles and emerging from the ashes of Creation.

A revolutionary new arrival in the music industry, Lovely Bhati Studio with( CEO and Owner Lovely Bhati) and (CFO Bhavesh Bhati) and (Prem Shankar Managing Director) is tackling the obstacles and emerging from the ashes of Creation. The music industry is a huge field with many opportunities. As a result, Lovely Bhati Studio, strives to provide these once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to as many young, brilliant musicians as possible. The perks of becoming a part of this music label are immeasurable.

About Lovely Bhati Studio:

Bheru Lal Teli, Popularly known as Lovely Bhati, is an Indian musician, Songwriter, actor, and composer who was born in Manpura, Bhilwara, Rajasthan. He is composing an amazing version of music and many other famous releases. Known for his melodious songs. He is a graduate who has established standards in the music industry. Bheru Lal teli, also known by his stage name as “lovely bhati,” began working as a musician and music producer as a hobby. Stunning bhati began his career in Rajasthan by releasing some well-known remixes or musical renditions of songs that are currently streaming on Spotify and 180+ other streaming platforms including apple music and iTunes. On all streaming services, such as youtube music, you may find the official artist channel as lovely bhati. Basically, Lovely Bhati began his first profession as a YouTuber or musician. You enter the music business, as is frequently the case later.


In our production house, we provide a variety of services, including music recording, production and Video Shooting.

1: Record Music

2: Production

3: Distributor

4: Video Shoot

5: Dubbing

6: Voice Over.

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