Rabindranath Tagore Literature Award Presented by Dawn Research and Development Council


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Rabindranath Tagore Literature Award Presented by Dawn Research and Development Council (DRDC)

(2nd edition)

Rabindranath Tagore Literature Awards by DRDC is the Most Prestigious and highest Indian literary award presented annually by the Dawn Research and Development Council (DRDC) to an author for their “outstanding contribution towards literature”

Meet the Awardees of Rabindranath Tagore Literature Awards 2022-23 (Initiative by DRDC)


2.  Archismita

3.  Aarushi Jain

4.  Mariyam Hiba

5.  Patitapabana Pani

6.  Jyoti Bhat

7.  Vanshika Mehta

8.  Vipin Kumar

9.  Hridaan Binal Patel

10. Ilaxi Sudhir Patel

11. Alwin Pavan. G

12. Kiran

13. Dr. Adv. CPA Madhav Shailendra Medhekar

14. Amit Kumar Kaushal

15. Rishiba S

16. Kriti Asish

17. Nayanathara

18. Dr Maisnam Luwangba Meitei

19. Anuj Harshwardhan Sharma

20. Hiten Jain

21. Hemilkumar Prahladbhai Patel

22. Lav puri

23. Arwa Saifi

24. Ankita

25. Akshita Aggarwal

26. Stephen Manovah

27. Dr. Balesh Jindal

28. Hashir Rahman

29. B. Namita Varshini

30. Sonu

31. Salabha krishnan. H

32. Ammu P Sajeev

33. Kalopsia Wiz

34. Prof. Dr. Siddhartha Ghosh

35. Sahithi cheapuri

36. Vikram Khaitan

37. Satadal Lahiri

38. Shakthi Thanigaivel

39. Sashi

40. Biswananda Sinha

41. Shashi gangwar

42. Chhavi Saini

43. Maira Khan

44. Ahibaran Patel

45. Dr. Ravindra Saini

46. Sreekanth S Aymanam

47. Dr. Rahul Devraj

48. Ashwin Karthik S N

49. Ankith S Kumar

50. Dr. Trupti Upadhyay

Rabindranath Tagore Literature Award Presented by Dawn Research and Development Council

Meet the Awardees of Rabindranath Tagore Literature Awards 2022 (Initiative by DRDC) 1st edition

1-Ms. Dishari Neogy

2- Mr. R.C.Sahoo

3- Ms. Sneha Jain

4- Mr. Mehmood.r.shariff

5- Ms. Saniya Inamdar

6- Ms. Kalashri.m.barve

7- Ms. Kasis Shaw

8- Ms. Sriji Sadhukhan

9- Ms Fathima Alaalafir

10- Mr. Kriss Venugopal

11- Ms. Grace

12- Ms.Lini Fernandez

13- Mr. Naveen Kumar Tyagi

14- Mr Sahed Mohammad

15- Ms.Kathlyn Bennett

16- Mr.Sayantan Barui

17-Mr. Angandeep kr. Chatterjee

18- Ms. Ashima Syal

19- Galla Meher Vineeth

20- Dr. Merily Roy

21- Ms.Nay Anshari

22- Ms. Sazina Khan

23- Haleshappa v.v.

24-  Mr. Sanjay Chandra

25- Spondon Ganguli

26- Dr.Sumit Kumar Goel

27 – Ms. Sneha Chavan

28- Ms Palak Chauhan

29- Ms. Riddhima Sen

30- Faiz Shakir

31- Tadivamsi Krishna

32- Mr. Sanjeev Shekhar

33- Mr. Shiv Shankar Singh

34- Ms.Priyanka Chandra chaudhari

35- Ms.s.sahana

36- Mr.Nitin Shriram Wardle

36- Ms. Nima Krishna

37- Ms. Kadambari Gupta


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