Hudhudi Transport CEO and Founder Razak Khan’s new big announcement


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India’s newly emerging Entrepreneur Razak Khan, while giving a statement on the local news paper recently, said that the company will hire any employee in his company Hudhudi Transport Private Limited not by his degree but by his skill, which the company official will soon Can announce in which there will be many posts like accountant and service man and supervisor, anyone can apply for these posts.

Talking about the qualification, 10th pass can also apply, this statement is being praised a lot for Razak Khan, basically the register office of Razak Khan’s company Hudhudi Transport, is also near Jodhpur, a small village in Rajasthan He is a resident of Jaloda. Razak Khan

According to sources, Razak Khan is currently doing transport business on the domestic market, we could not know from any source that when he will come to the international business Razak Khan can also deal with Adani Port Razak Khan, CEO of Hudhudi Transport has said.  That at the moment they will not invest much money on the business, we will wait for a while to take Hudhudi Transport Startup to the big level.  He also spoke this thing recently in local radio.

Razak Khan has made many other promises regarding his company, of which this is also a prominent one that he has said that the person who will not only get a job in Hudhudi Transport but himself will become a responsible and for the interests of both himself and the company.  Will also get many gifts like e-shop bonus for them, which will keep their future and the company’s future safe.

Razak Khan, the founder and CEO of Hudhudi Transport, is currently in Chennai, where he has gone to Anna University for an event where he has talked about opening an office of Hudhudi Transport in South India also Razak Khan has said that Chennai is India’s oldest factory and companies It would be very difficult for us to do business here.  Will make where you can also give on NSE and Bombay Stock Market, which company can make a large company

Let us tell you that Razak Khan’s business model is a unique model that is attracting everyone, although Razak Khan has not given this information, maybe all this information is patented by Razak Khan.

Which not everyone can copy, Razak Khan has said with full confidence that he will give returns by doubling the investors’ money in several months.

Although this task is very difficult for a new startup


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