Amit Tripathy, a social entrepreneur & Founder of MrFixPro creating a miracle in this world of digitization


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Amit Tripathy

Humanity is always moving forward with innovation once the global quality of social life improves. The last few years have seen the most notable advancement of technology in the history of India. Where technological development has boosted productivity, it has also catered to global economic development. In recent times in social life, Amit Tripathy has emerged as the powerful Social Entrepreneur and has helped social in moving the business ecosystem forward.

Amit Tripathy is a social entrepreneur with a deep passion for technology and purpose-driven business. His entrepreneurial interest briefly lies in the area of the platform economy. Amit is a computer science engineering graduate from PMEC Berhampur and completed a global certification program on supply chain digitization and management from NITIE Mumbai.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Amit Tripathy and the energetic Entrepreneur will surely create a miracle in this world of digitization in the near future, through promoting the value and growth of our digital around the world will help make your online presence even more complex.

MrFixPro is a Web and App based platform where skilled professionals register themselves to provide wide array services to customer in the arena of maintenance and repair such as Electricity, Plumbing, Electronics appliances, Home deep cleaning, Pest control, Home painting and Car/Bus wash. All the professionals undergo skill testing and training to prove their potential before launching them to market for customers’ services. Once a customer requests for a service, our application algorithm finds a match between the service the customer has requested for and the professional available in the nearby location.

Where do you go when you need to fix your air conditioner in the middle of the day? Or what happens when you have an emergency situation like a leaking pipe in your kitchen?

Traditionally you would rush to your local electrician or plumber or have to search around for a reliable person. But now MrFixPro have come into existence leveraging the on-demand economy and eliminating the pain in finding a professional.

What is MrFixPro?

MrFixPro is an online platform for the door to door delivery of all kinds of household needs and services at the ease of a call or few clicks. You can choose your convenient time and prebook any of the services in our portal. MrFixPro services include

  • Cleaning to Fixing
  • Repair to Restoration
  • Painting to Plumbing
  • Packers and Movers
  • Ac installation & repair
  • Civil work
  • Pest Control
  • Carpenter
  • Car/Bus Wash

Why should I choose MrFixPro?

Now you don’t have to dial different numbers for a total deep cleaning or repairing your electrical appliances or even supplying water cans. You don’t even have to worry about painting or renovating your home. We even attend to your leaking pipes or broken vehicles. With affordable and transparent price list, MrFixPro gives you the freedom to choose the time slot according to your convenience for any service you want to avail. We promise to attend your need at the earliest possible time. All our services are covered under the complimentary service warranty scheme.

Why do I need MrFixPro service?

Finding a technician for out of gear appliances, or finding an expert for a deep cleaning for sofa or your home, or finding a plumber for your leaking pipes can be tiresome at times. Even if you find, the exploiting price may dishearten you, or you have to compromise with the quality of the work. There is little assurance of your satisfaction.

This is the exact situation where MrFixPro comes to your rescue. We are here to take care of all your home-based service needs. With our hassle-free booking system you can reach out to us in seconds and your job is done. Thereafter, finding a trained professional to get your job accomplished is completely our responsibility. We will make sure that your desired service is delivered to your doorstep at the earliest possible time.

MrFixPro Achievements till Now!

  • Recognized by Startup Odisha
  • Recognized by Startup India
  • Recognized by MSME
  • Shortlisted among the top 10 Best in Household
  • Service Startups – 2022 by SiliconIndia magazine
  • 200 + technician successfully registered
  • 1500+ customer successfully registered
  • 15 Lac+ Revenue generated in 6 month Duration
  • Best home service providers in Bhubaneswar by theodiaexpress
  • Brand of Odisha recognized by PPL news
  • Best sartup of Odisha 2022 recognised by world brand congress.

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