Vishal Maurya Honored with Proud Indian Parliament Award 2023 for Outstanding Societal Contributions and Peacemaking Efforts.


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Vishal Maurya Honored with Proud Indian Parliament Award 2023 for Outstanding Societal Contributions and Peacemaking Efforts.

18 August, 2023, Mumbai, Maharashtra: The Mayor Hall in Andheri West witnessed a remarkable event that celebrated the spirit of social reform and the power of compassion. Renowned Indian writer and social reformer, Vishal Maurya, was felicitated with the prestigious Proud Indian Parliament Award 2023 for his unwavering dedication to uplift society during challenging times and his significant contributions to national harmony.

The award ceremony, organized by a collaboration of eminent institutions including the International Human Rights Organisation, Book of World Records London, Talk India News 24, and Paliwal Entertainment, brought together a constellation of luminaries from various walks of life. The event received accreditation from distinguished bodies like the International European Accreditation Forum, London Book of World Records, International Human Rights Ambassador, All India Anti-Corruption Parliament Committee, All India Journalist Rights Parliament Forum, and Book of World Records USA.

Vishal Maurya, the founder of multiple social activist organizations such as Tathagat Foundation, Find Missing Children, and Missing Person India, has been a beacon of hope for those fighting against the scourge of missing children and child labor in India. His advocacy for education and his relentless campaigns against cyberbullying and missing persons have earned him widespread admiration and respect.

One of his most noteworthy endeavors has been his dedication to safeguarding the rights of children, particularly those victimized by substance abuse, while offering them emotional support and guidance. His collaborations with organizations like the National Crime Investigation Bureau (NCIB) and Child Line-1098 have paved the way for numerous children to find solace and a brighter future.

Vishal Maurya’s literary accomplishments are equally impressive, with two anthology stories to his credit. His contribution to cinema with films like “Hamar Ganga,” which addresses the grave issue of child trafficking, and “Blooming Ray,” focused on the Right to Education, reflect his commitment to using art as a tool for change.

The Proud Indian Parliament Award 2023 recognized Vishal Maurya’s tireless endeavors to instill hope, compassion, and progress in the society. The award ceremony was graced by numerous luminaries, including celebrity guests, ministry-level officers, IPS and IAS officers, the Chairman of the London Book of World Records, and the International President and Vice President, along with representatives from more than 25 prestigious news and media houses.

Vishal Maurya’s contributions have not only raised awareness about crucial issues plaguing our society but have also served as a guiding light for future generations. His efforts exemplify the power of one individual to make a lasting impact, and the Proud Indian Parliament Award 2023 serves as a testament to his exceptional journey as a writer, social reformer, and peacemaker.


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