Tripti Malhotra Is Taking The Makeup Industry By Storm Through Her Exemplary Expertise


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Building her unique path around this sphere, she has succeeded in carving her own distinct niche exceptionally well.

In this fast-paced world where there’s fierce competition and every other individual is better than the other in their respective fields of work, there are some who work their way to the top and live their entire journey through. Only those who genuinely believe in their craft are able to make their way and embrace success well before time. One such industry where talent and determination help you reach optimum levels of success is the makeup industry. Contrary to what one might believe, being a makeup artist is more than just following your passion or area of interest as it can turn into a largely successful profession if one dwells deep into it and who knows this better than Tripti Malhotra who has emerged as the most sought after makeup artists within a span of few years. Let’s take a look at her journey from being a lecturer to a makeup artist who has catered to some of the biggest names of Bollywood and Pollywood.

Tripti started her career as a full-time lecturer in Dav 10 after completing her PG after marriage in 2008. Being an extremely talented student who won the silver medal in PU and gold medal in HPU during her educational years by the honorable ex-president of India, Mr.Pranab Mukherjee, she had ambitions to grow further, the reason she pursued studying even after getting married. Tripti was always inclined towards the creative space since her early days and was drawn towards the makeup industry since the beginning. In time, she realized that being in the profession of a lecturer was not what she wanted and eventually enrolled herself for a hair and makeup professional course in 2013, getting certified by renowned artists like Goar Avetisyan from Dubai in makeup and Zuhra Sullieva from Russia in hairstyles.

Within no time she took over the reins of the industry and started getting elite clientele like Sonam Bajwa, Gippy Grewal, Himanshi Khurana, Neeru Bajwa, Mandy Takhar, Jasmine Sandlas, Diljott, Isha Rikhi, Inder Chahal, Swaalina, and many more from the entertainment industry. One of her most talked-about works was the one she did for KV Dhillon’s wife from Geet MP3. Today, she is best known for collaborating with her clients, meticulously interpreting their vision, and bringing that vision to life to their delight. In Tripti’s words, “My makeup brush is my sword through which I dream to showcase the importance of self-grooming and being beautiful.” What’s more, having the opportunity to work with Bollywood’s diva Kareena Kapoor in itself is a big achievement. She’s also received the best makeup artist from North India award from her in an event held in Malaysia in 2019. More recently, she won the best makeup artist award from WeddingSutra awards. Her ‘No Makeup Look’ is extremely popular, and she gets inquiries from places like Mauritius, Dubai, and the Maldives for destination weddings to render her expertise for the same.

To know more about Tripti, visit her Instagram profile@triptimalhotraofficial.


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