The Versatile Personality —A Great Vocalist And Anchor With Tremendous Wins In His Career


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 RJ Rizvi

Rap and music have the power to inspire, motivate, and bring out a variety of diverse emotions that are related to real-life events. Through its magic or words, music can help people heal their emotions and feel love. What about having a stressful day and listening to your favorite song? Isn’t it a wholesome feeling? Absolutely, yes. Similar to how entertainment, performing, and a creative narrative or songwriter are additional diverse ways to improve everyone’s quality of life. People are not aware of the value of these amazing professions and creative people who work nonstop to improve your personal lives and make them more enjoyable.

RJ Rizvi is an artist born and raised in Delhi who has developed a variety of skills in his area of interest and experience. His diverse range of abilities and demeanor as an anchor, performer, and rapper, as well as a legendary comedian with incredible timing and delivery. His voice performance and anchoring skills make every award event he hosts and attends a joyous occasion. His sense of humor includes local dialects, on-point dialogues, and day-to-day experiences. 

With more than 10 years of experience and 3000+ live stage anchor performances in a variety of award shows and events, he has broad experience in voice modulations as a full-fledged entertainer, the intellect to play with words, and the presence of mind to win everyone’s heart. He energizes not just the audience but also the stage with his nonstop entertainment, communication skills, and ability to manage and handle the front and backstage, and he does all of this while simultaneously entertaining the audience. He is active in both the music and entertainment industries at the moment as both a performer and a rapper, and he launched his career with his own band. He started his own band called “WE DESI,” which is a DJ-based band with a unique idea and is currently ranked leading one in the top 10 of the Wedding Music Industry. An adaptable performer, rapper, and anchor who has experience with a variety of projects and fashion events was given the “Best Anchor” award during one of the shows. He receives new projects as a fashion influencer because of his charm and sense of style. He recently had the opportunity to work as a fashion


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