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Samarjit Saha is a Kolkata based Indian actor, food vlogger, Java developer, and influencer who is well-known for his lead negative role in ‘Ek Adhbut Dakshina Guru Dakshina’.

Samarjit Saha is a Kolkata based Indian actor, food vlogger, Java developer, and influencer who is well-known for his lead negative role in 'Ek Adhbut Dakshina Guru Dakshina'.

He loves to create trending Reels with phenomenal transitions, and has collaborated with big brands. His Bengali film was directed by world famous Singer Arijit Singh.

If you love Instagram and some transition reels, then you probably follow Samarjit Saha. The 27-years-old Instagram sensation has been entertaining thousands of people with his content.

“Internet is the future in every platform”, says Samarjit. In multiple stories and interviews on the internet, Samarjit mentioned his gratitude towards Meta that enabled him to do what he loves.

Samarjit started his Acting career in 2014. He is a Kolkata based Actor, who did Lead negative role against the Childhood hero in – ‘ Ek Adhbut Dakshina Guru Dakshina ‘ (Hindi) under Moonwalk Productions Pvt. Ltd. and EROS International.

As well as he did a Character role in an independent Bengali feature film (SA) directed by Singer Arijit Singh. Also he has done shoots for online shopping sites as well as Calendar shoots and jewellery shoots.

He started small on Instagram. He was just using the platform like others. But, during the lockdown he started creating content on his own. And soon, brands started contacting him for collaboration and to promote their products.

In a very short period, Samarjit Saha reached close to 12k active followers. @iamsamarjitsaha is one of the well-known Men’s grooming pages on Instagram.

Along with that, he has started to take a great interest in food vlog also and opened his channel SixpackBong. It won’t be much to say that Samarjit will eventually become one of Kolkata’s most popular ‘Instagrammers’.

He always believed in regional content. Nowadays you will find other influencers creating content in Hindi and mostly from Delhi-Mumbai. This Kolkata boy stuck with his mother tongue “Bengali”, and started creating videos in regional languages only. And eventually that helped him grow.

Samarjit, who also works as a Java developer, believes that content creation has no limit. If anyone likes something truly, then they can manage everything and do it. Eventually, it will become the profession they love. He has done this himself and inspires many others to do the same.

Samarjit’s amazing reach and stats on Instagram have made brands like Beardo, mCaffeine, Gillette, WOW Skin Science India, Set Wet and many others collaborate with him. With increasing audience and love shown by them, He will soon reach similar heights on YouTube. He is already posting his food vlogs, which are receiving great responses.

We are sure that SAMARJIT, face of the fastest growing profile in Kolkata, will be playing on every Instagram in India with time.

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