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The power of present book is written by Dr.P.Yuvaraj (Arogya Ratna) founder and CEO of the company Dietsforcure. The power of present book is a personality development book which was been awarded as the best books of the year 2022.

When I admire the wilderness in the sunrise and the full moon my soul overflows with joy and I admire god for it. You better don’t miss the joy which the nature gives us in the form of birds chirping, rain, and energy by living in the gloom. Why do we need to go Why do we need to go for the path of living in the misery when you can enjoy your present with tons of joy with love of nature / universe. You need to fill your heart, mind, soul with love of nature but not with agony. The nature loves us unconditionally and is ready to help you but you need to stop holding yourself in the past and start enjoying your present as nature has abundance of love for you. So utilize it and change your career, life, future with the power of present. Power of Present.

Few of the amazing chapters from the book:-

1. The Present

The 5 True Secrets of life

Utilize the present time

A short story

How to balance the past, present and the future

2. Happiness

5c rule for happiness

How to find your happiness

How to examine and solve your problems right now in the present

Short story on solving your problems Habits you must quit to be happy

3. Leave your past behind you

Your value does not decrease due to Live in the present second

Do you know the value of yourself?

Just let it go if you want to be alive

Don’t allow yourself to be controlled by these 5 things

4. Relationship

The secret power of love

How to develop your relationships in the present

Falling in love VS Staying in love

Be careful with this signs in a relationships

Power points to be noted

5. Family

One for all and all for one

Why is a family important? How to build strong family relationships right now in the present? A short story

6. Power of forgiveness

life always forgives us

Advantages of forgiving someone

Why is it so convenient to maintain a grudge?

What are the outcomes of not forgiving someone you hate?

How do you attain a nation of forgiveness. someone?

What occurs if you cannot forgive

What if you’re the one who wishes forgiveness?

Forgiveness practice

7. Power of present gratitude

Just remembe

The secret of gratitude

The ladderfor success

How gratitude improves your emotional life?


The power of gratitude in business The gratitude exercises

8. Power of your health


Are you bottom-up or top down?

The true power of your heart

Open your heart

Intuitive wisdom ofthe heart Achieve your hearts desire

9 Power of love for present health:

Seat of the soul.

Recovery agent

The power of love to heal your life

Unified heart and mind

What does your total life depends on?

Neuroscience experiment

10. Power of emotions

The Thirty four thousand emotions

Present law of emotions

Emotional balance

The role

The power of positive emotions at work Use your emotional pain creatively

Falling in love VS Staying in love

Be careful with this signs in a relationships

Power points to be noted


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