The Innovation and Passion of Chef Prashanta Shee: A Culinary Legend in the Making.


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Prashanta Shee, the executive chef of a prominent hotel in the Bhubaneswar zone, is a true Executive in the world of culinary arts. His passion for cooking and creating new dishes is evident in his work, and he is widely recognized for his innovative approach to food.

Prashanta Shee, the executive chef of a prominent hotel in the Bhubaneswar zone, is a true Executive in the world of culinary arts. His passion for cooking and creating new dishes is evident in his work, and he is widely recognized for his innovative approach to food.

Born and raised in Kolkata, Chef Prashanta Shee was exposed to the rich culinary traditions of his homeland at a young age. He grew up watching his mother and grandmother cook delicious meals, and soon developed a keen interest in the art of cooking himself. As he grew older, his passion for cooking only intensified, and he knew that he wanted to pursue a career in the culinary arts.

In his current role at Swosti Premium, Chef Prashanta Shee continues to push the boundaries of culinary innovation, creating new and exciting dishes that delight his guests. He is dedicated to ensuring that every guest who walks through the doors of the hotel has a truly unforgettable dining experience, and his passion and commitment are evident in every dish he creates.

After completing his formal education in hotel management and culinary arts, Chef Shee began his career in the hospitality industry. Over the years, he has worked in some of the finest hotels and restaurants in the country, honing his skills and developing his own unique style of cooking.

One of Chef Prashanta Shee’s greatest strengths is his ability to create new and innovative dishes that delight and surprise his guests. He is constantly experimenting with new ingredients and flavors, and his dishes are always a perfect balance of taste, texture, and presentation. His love for creating new things for his guests is what sets him apart from other chefs in the industry.

When Prashanta Shee is not busy in the kitchen, he loves to engage with his guests and discuss their culinary preferences. He is a great listener and takes great pride in understanding his guests’ needs and preferences. His warm and friendly demeanor makes him a favourite among guests, and many of them return to the hotel just to experience his culinary creations and engage in conversations with him.

Chef Prashanta Shee ‘s love for innovation and experimentation is not limited to his work in the kitchen. He is also a passionate researcher, constantly exploring new food cultures and ancient food traditions. He is particularly interested in the culinary traditions of his native Bengal and the neighboring state of Odisha. He has spent countless hours researching and studying the food culture of these regions, and has developed a deep understanding of their unique flavours and ingredients.

Chef Prashanta Shee is also fascinated by the temple food of Lord Jagannath in Puri, Odisha. This sacred cuisine has been prepared for centuries by the temple’s cooks, and is considered to be some of the purest and most flavorful food in the world. Chef Prashanta Shee has studied this cuisine extensively, and has even traveled to Puri to learn directly from the temple cooks. His mission is to represent these unique culinary traditions to the world, and to introduce guests to the rich and diverse flavors of India.

Chef Prashanta Shee ‘s passion for food and his dedication to his craft have earned him numerous accolades over the years. He has been named the Best Executive Chef in the Bhubaneswar zone, and his dishes have been featured in top culinary publications and television shows. However, what truly sets him apart is his love for his guests and his commitment to delivering a truly memorable dining experience.


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