Mohit Chhabra, an enthralling Lo-Fi music creater, reigning Gen-Z’s playlists


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Lo-Fi music – previously an underground genre, has become a new cultural phenomenon amongst millennials and Gen Z across the globe. From relaxing on a rainy Friday to pulling an all-nighter before a deadline, Lo-Fi music creates the perfect ambience to boost your mood or pump your level of productivity. Hence, reigning the Gen Z’s and millennials’ playlists, Mohit Chhabra is taking Lofi music one step further via his acute and unique understanding of music.

Co-founder and director of hall party private limited, Mohit Chhabra is a multifarious and captivating musician and artist, who has launched his music on various music platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, iTunes, JioSaavan, Anghami, Boomplay Music, and Amazon Music. Known for his lilting hit Lo-fi mix9999, Mohit Chhabra has also received the Artist Verify badge from Spotify.

Born on 14 oct 2001, in Faridabad, Mohit had profound and carving passion from childhood for music. Starting his music journey in a juvenile age of 18 years, Mohit until now has released numerous songs on his social media platforms including his official YouTube artist channel by the name of Mohit Chhabra.

Mohit Chhabra completed his schooling from Delhi Public School Sector 19,Faridabad and completed his graduation from Delhi university. Being a proficient student and scholar in his schooling days, Mohit Chhabra was awarded a medal from CBSE for his outstanding academic performance and being amongst the top 0.01% successful candidate and scoring 100% marks in Computer Applications.

Besides being a sensational music artist, Mohit Chabbra clasps profound interest in bodybuilding and influencing. Being a Fitness freak, Mohit Chabbra maintains a good physique and have won numerous medals and certificates in bodybuilding field for his great physique.

Mohit Chhabra says -” I’m trying to do something extraordinary ”. Mohit is also sponsored by Proathlix, an extension of Vestige for nutritional needs. Mohit likes cycling and playing football and has also been appointed as sport president of Delhi University Student union.

Mohit Chhabra inspires millions of others who step back when obstacles block their path. The musician went on his incredible musical journey to display his talents and arrive in style as the world experienced significant expansion in the music sector. He put his utmost effort, which helped him achieve a massive fan following by enthralling millions of listeners with his melodic and enthusiastic music.

Needless to say, music is a magical language, and working as a musician is a strength, especially when you are associated with the creative field. Mohit Chhabra have been creating some exceptional Lo-Fi music scene for nearly and the ambit of his work in all its limits is truly phenomenal. Initially, starting out by basic music and with considerable struggle and tremendous hard work, Mohit has finally achieved a success where there is no turning back. If you haven’t heard his songs yet, you must definitely listen and admire his work.

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