Manjunatha A V: The Maestro of Pencil Sketches, Inspiring Artistry across Generation.


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In the world of art, there are individuals whose talent and passion transcend boundaries, captivating the hearts and minds of viewers. Manjunatha A V, a gifted pencil sketch artist, is one such creative genius. With an artistic journey spanning over seven years, Manjunatha has emerged as a rising star, enchanting art enthusiasts with his breathtaking pencil sketches. Recently, his remarkable talent and artistic prowess were recognized as he was awarded the prestigious 30 UNDER 30 Talented & Rising Influencers & Artist accolade. Through his captivating artworks and Instagram presence, Manjunatha continues to inspire and leave an indelible mark on the art world.

Manjunatha A V’s artistic journey began with a simple pencil and a blank sheet of paper. What started as a hobby quickly transformed into a lifelong passion and calling? Over the years, he honed his skills, experimenting with various techniques and subjects to create incredibly detailed and lifelike pencil sketches. Manjunatha’s dedication to his craft is evident in every stroke, as he effortlessly captures the essence and emotions of his subjects, breathing life into his artwork.

Manjunatha’s mastery lies in his ability to bring his subjects to life through his pencil sketches. Whether it’s capturing the delicate expressions of human faces or the intricate details of nature, his artwork exudes a sense of realism that leaves viewers in awe. Each stroke is meticulously placed, showcasing his impeccable attention to detail and his deep understanding of light, shadow, and texture. Manjunatha’s sketches evoke a profound emotional connection, resonating with art lovers and enthusiasts around the world.

The Power of Influence: Manjunatha’s artistic talent and unique style have earned him a devoted following on social media platforms, particularly on Instagram. His Instagram handle, @artist_manjunath, serves as a virtual gallery, showcasing his stunning creations and providing a glimpse into his artistic process. Through his online presence, Manjunatha has garnered a strong community of art lovers who eagerly await each new masterpiece. His ability to inspire and ignite creativity in others has made him a cherished influencer among aspiring artists.

30 UNDER 30 Talented & Rising Influencers & Artist Award: The recent recognition of Manjunatha A V with the 30 UNDER 30 Talented & Rising Influencers & Artist Award is a testament to his exceptional talent and artistic influence. This prestigious accolade honors his dedication, innovation, and impact in the art world. As a young artist, Manjunatha has already achieved remarkable success, and this award serves as a catalyst for his continued growth and recognition.

Manjunatha A V’s artistic journey goes beyond his personal achievements. He strives to inspire and nurture the next generation of artists. Through workshops, exhibitions, and art events, he shares his knowledge and techniques, encouraging aspiring artists to explore their creativity and develop their unique styles. His dedication to mentorship and fostering a supportive artistic community is a testament to his passion for art and his desire to contribute to the art world’s growth.

Manjunatha A V’s talent as a pencil sketch artist transcends boundaries and speaks to the universal language of art. His exquisite artwork has the power to evoke emotions, tell stories, and capture moments frozen in time. With every stroke of his pencil, he leaves an indelible mark on the art world and the hearts of those who appreciate his exceptional talent.

As Manjunatha continues to create awe-inspiring pencil sketches and inspire art lovers worldwide, his artistic legacy grows stronger with each new masterpiece. His Instagram handle, @


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