Launching “The magical Keys” By – DR. LAKSHYA GEHLOT


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Launching “The magical Keys” By – DR. LAKSHYA GEHLOT

Launching “The magical Keys” By - DR. LAKSHYA GEHLOT

Yes, you must have also drank the juice of words or you are still quenching your thirst. Just imagine a person who has darkness all around, There is darkness in his imagination too, suddenly a man full of magic of good words passes by him whose circumstances are similar to his, There’s only light inside Light of magical keys.

He sent a feeling while passing which the other person felt and in the darkness also, light was attracted. The person went to the hopeless person and he used the keys of love and gratitude to say some simple words that how are you brother, you have eaten food and slowly put his hand on his shoulder and gave him some food,

Now the feeling of light was able to peek into that dark world, the light was there too

Some magic keys were there too, which had been illuminated by the light of these words from outside, only for some time, then when the light went away the darkness fell again but the keys of light were stronger than before.

Why is it so

Why is there so much difference in our feelings?

After all, there are differences, that’s why the world of all of us, despite being one, is so different, different is better,

But why are there these pains in the lives of some people,

Does they want to stay like this?

If not, then what is it that makes the difference in the feelings of all of us?

Is this a knowledge gap?

Maybe not If yes, what kind of knowledge?

What is the right direction of knowledge?

When I found the answer after searching for the truth and that was the knowledge of the process of creation, how to convert the imagined shadow in the mind into reality.

It is knowledge that is already present,

You and I create our world on the basis of this knowledge,

Is there anyone who has perfect knowledge?

“I would definitely like to meet a person who is thirsty for knowledge.”

“Knowledge comes to those who thirst for it”

“The difference is of light, when we humans were able to express our feelings in a systematic way through words, then only we created our creation”

There are many feelings that can be felt for hours and can be expressed in one word. Yes, it is the knowledge of different words, due to which the inner creation of all of us is different.

There are some words in these words in which secret knowledge is hidden for creative expression, which are recorded in different books.

“Words is the magical keys”

The book “Magical Keys” contains the knowledge of creative expression of words and the feeling that arises from them.

If you are reading this, it means that you also have the knowledge of some keys, you also understand them, only then you are able to understand with a balanced rhythm.

Perhaps it is this understanding that makes the difference in all of us.

“It is the knowledge of different words that make difference in understanding”

If you have a thirst for accumulated knowledge to enhance creative expression, you can quench it.

                 “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”


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