India’s first reality show devoted to art and artists


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India’s first reality show devoted to art and artists

India's first reality show devoted to art and artists

Indian language, culture, and religion have influenced Indian artworks, paintings, and architecture. Getting to know India better would be made easier by seeing Indian artworks and paintings.

Now is the time to assign them a monetary value. Rang de India presents India’s first reality show focused on art and artists, with world-renowned artists from all over India serving as judges, including a former professor B.H.U. Among the artists are Shri Vijay Singh, Shi Paranam Singh, Jaipur artist Amit Kapoor, Delhi artist Shree Vijender Sharma, Nagpur artist Vijay Biswaal, and Nasik artists Prafull Sawant and Rajesh Sawant.

It is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for every young artist in India to display their work. There will be auditions in six cities: Banaras, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Jaipur, Delhi, and Mumbai. 

Mumbai will host the final round of selection. Exhibiting emerging artists’ work in front of experienced artists, galleries, and collectors. It is likely that they will be willing to offer them a fair price.them a fair price.

Rang from India will capture all the programs and broadcast them on an OTT service. There will be an impact on the Indian art market and culture as a result.

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