Electramind’s Innovation AV PVT LTD – The leading “IOT” Start-up in “India”, a step towards personalized, automated smart homes


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Mr. Arvind Garg
Founder & Director – Electramind’s Innovation AV PVT LTD.

With IoT emerging, India is in a stage where consumers are becoming aware about the Internet of Things and how it can bring benefits to them. Home automation has been one such segment in connected devices market which is receiving a nod from Indian consumers.

IoT start-ups are leading the home automation market with bigger companies following them either through investments, fundings, or acquisitions. As mentioned, the space is set to witness $6 Trillion worth of investments globally between 2015-2020. Indian start-ups, too, are being incubated by global players. In India, 120 IoT start-ups had received over $169 Million funding since 2006 till May 2017. According to a report by Research and Markets, the Indian home automation market is projected to cross the figure of $4.3 Billion (INR 30K Cr) by 2022.  The report added that at present, residential customers has the highest market share, whereas, in the product category, the security market is the clear winner. Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, and Bengaluru have a combined market share of more than 50% in the total home automation market.

“Electramind’s Innovation” the leading “IOT” start-up is using IoT to make Indian homes energy efficient

An IoT-based automation solution for efficient electricity utilization. “Electramind’s Innovation” is now India’s fastest-growing IoT and AI-enabled home-tech company that aims to deliver smarter choices for all electricity needs in every home. We derive inspiration from the smallest of things, but if we trace back to the times when we felt a strong desire to solve something, it was in the many hours of the day when saw electricity cuts and our lives seemed to come to a stop.

We believe, having experienced this personally and realizing that electricity expense is a costly affair for households, inspired us to ensure that no house in India lives without affordable electricity. We have come a long way in this quest, and it has inspired us to move towards the smart utilization of this available electricity. In the future, we see us fulfilling the twin problems of demand and supply of electricity around the world using IOT and exciting upcoming technologies.

“Electramind’s Innovation” started with an aim to provide access to clean, smart, and free electricity. While this was only the first half of the problem, the second half involved efficient utilization of energy through IoT (Internet of Things).We are solving energy issues by using a renewable source of energy but that is not enough if people waste the same clean energy with outdated tech and appliances. So, we are helping Indian homes automate and utilize energy efficiently through in-house developed IoT-enabled hardware and accompanying apps.

“Electramind’s Innovation” vision about the factors that can help increase the adoption of IoT devices in the country?

There has been a massive increase in the demand for IoT devices across the country. Especially after the pandemic when most of the people who stayed at home realized the significance of comfort and convenience. However, the IoT-based market that is exponentially changing and expanding every day is relatively new in India, and there is a huge section of customers who are yet to realize its capabilities.

It’s one of the reasons that companies that work in the sphere of IoT-based technology need to make people aware of this life-altering technology that they can use in their everyday lives. While educating people about IoT-based technology, it’s important to stress on a few of the dormant factors such as communication, energy efficiency, cost savings, enhanced security, better standards of living, and more.

“Electramind’s Innovation” the leading start-up in “IOT” segment promoting home automation range of devices and  believes that smartphones have changed the way we live. With our smart home products, we help our customers to lighten, control, and secure their homes with a single tap on their phones. “Electramind’s Innovation” offer’s smart home products that are Wi-Fi enabled plug & play devices that enable the customers to control all their electrical appliances and gadget’s with just one tap via smart app. The devices include smart bulb, smart plug, smart ac remote, smart TV remote, energy monitor, smart video doorbell, smart camera, and smart plug among many others. Smart devices can also be controlled via remote, smart touch facilitated by smart switches’, voice commands where smart devices can be configured with “Google assistant” and “Amazon Alexa” and linked with “smart apps”.

Smart products are currently provided in scattered options or select value propositions across the industry. These products work on different platforms and user interfaces- which makes it difficult for the end-user to experience the range of smart products. Therefore, to make the experience of smart products in its entirety easy, we are offering access on a single Made-In-India mobile application.

Apart from the core benefits we also offer comfort and convenience to the users, the products enable home automation for efficient utilization of electricity at homes and offices. In the smart home segment, smart bulbs, plugs along with Wi-Fi-enabled security devices like smart doorbells, down lights, and more are a few of the many selling products across the various Omni channel platform’s. 

The relentless demand for smart home solutions across the world comes off as a steady assurance about its exponential market growth. As per recent reports, the market growth for smart home solutions is likely to reach $13,574.1 million by 2026. Customers are understandably inclining towards easy and effective IoT-based smart solutions for their homes. “Electramind’s Innovation” facilitates its users to a numerous range of smart products that entail end-to-end home automation to provide a truly smart experience to homeowners which makes our buyer anyone with a steady Wi-Fi connection.

Final thoughts!

Not every house has made progress regarding the adoption of IoT; many still need to make technological improvements at the most basic levels. Whatever these new technological developments involve, smart home automation is not just about entertainment it covers important aspects of our daily lives and has the potential to change our lives for the better.

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