Dr Soubir Bhatt, the 20TH Generation of Maharishi Valmiki The Great Sage Author of the History “Ramayana”


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Soubir is an Author, Diplomat, Doctor, Entreprèneur and TEDx Speaker holding Multiple Global Positions and pursuing the completion of MD in Naturopathy Medicine & thereafter DM/PhD in Alternative Medicine Research in Immune System, Pulmonary and Reproductive Health.

Soubir is an Author, Diplomat, Doctor, Entreprèneur and TEDx Speaker holding Multiple Global Positions and pursuing the completion of MD in Naturopathy Medicine & thereafter DM/PhD in Alternative Medicine Research in Immune System, Pulmonary and Reproductive Health.

Soubir earned 3 Honorary Doctorates.

Mentor Of Change (MOC) at NITI Aayog -Atal Innovation Mission, Government Of India.

Expert Panel Advisor to the European Commission

A Board Member to 3 Start Up Companies in India, Advisory Board Member to 16 United States based Companies and 1 Vienna, Austria based company. Also Member of the Advisory Council at Harvard Business Review

Educated in New York and majored in Pre-Medicine, Accounting-Finance, Law and Management.

Soubir started his Career as an Investment Banker from New York. Over the years attended several programs in Executive, Medical and Legal Education at Harvard Business School, Harvard Medical School, Harvard Law School, Wharton, Yale School of Medicine, MIT, Stanford Medical School, Johns Hopkins Medical School, London Business School, Imperial College London

Soubir is also working to earn his Commercial Pilot Licence from Flying Academy in Vienna, Austria.

Receipent of The Atal Achievement Award 2022, Maharashtra Ratna Award 2023 – Jewel/Pillar of Maharashtra State, The Rising Star of The Year 2023 Award by Government Of India, Glaze Icons 40 Under 40, TIME CyberMedia Emerging Icon 2023, The Ambitious Award 2023 for Rising Entreprèneur, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Inspiration Award 2023, Golden Pinnacle Award for Emerging Company, Young Influencer and Iconic Young Entrepreneur.

Awardee for British Excellence Award for Emerging ASIAprèneur by United Nations Global Peace Council at House of Lords – British Parliament in London in 2023.

In July-August 2023 Soubir will be inducted as a Panelist on Global TV Channels such as NDTV, News24, DD-National.

Soubir is authoring 8 Book Titles:-


▪︎Future Doctor

▪︎My Father Satyabir Emphasized- BETTER YOU

▪︎INDIA – Republic Of Entrepreneurs

▪︎ Who Am I

▪︎ What is Entrepreneurship

▪︎ Collaboration

▪︎ Ways to Relax Your Mind & Body________

More on Soubir’s Business Brand

Soubir serves as the Chairman & CEO of V&E Swiss Worldwide 

V&E Swiss Worldwide is a Start Up MNC Brand with it’s Global Board headquartered in London, UK which is a Holding Company/Business Conglomerate to Multiple Business Segments and Consumer Brands & Products.

Under V&E Swiss Worldwide the Business Segments are Agro, Automotive, Aviation, Broadcasting & Media, Beauty & Wellness, Capital Markets, Education & Training Institues, ED-Tech, Ecommerce, FMCG, Luxury Real Estate, Global Trade, Gym & Fitness, Medical Group, Investment Management.

The India Entity of V&E Swiss Worldwide is V&E Swiss India Pvt Ltd.

Along with India V&E Swiss Worldwide is forming Entity in the United States, Canada and the UAE.

In today’s Start Up Age, when Entreprèneurs are busy creating One Brand as a Unicorn, in the admist of this Ongoing Trend, Soubir is working hard to Create a Business Conglomerate Brand which would be similar to Tata Group after a century.

When people ask Soubir, “What is V&E Swiss Worldwide ” or “What exactly V&E does ?”, he smiles and tells them exactly similar to what Tata Group does, involved in Multiple Business Segments and Consumer Services & Brands.

Along with this Dr Soubir Bhatt is also the Global Chair of a Private Limited Management Consulting Group based in London known as V&E Consulting Group, which focuses on Strategy & Business Solutions, Government & Diplomacy, Branding & PR, Immigration Consulting, Healthcare Management, Fund Raising for Start Ups and Ongoing Ventures, Financial Services upto Stock Exchange Listing and Technology Consulting.

The Full Form of V&E is “Venture & Explore” which emphasizes that there are infinite Opportunities one can Explore by Venturing ans by Connecting the Right DOTS ,a Global Business can built for a Long Term Sustainability.


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