Bizgyani – Learning & Earning through Digitalization with a Motive to Become Atmanirbhar


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Mr. Gaurav Pramanik led this company on different heights with the amazing point of turning this works into an outstanding digitalized space.
Everyone has noticed the skilled world changing and turning the tables in the last one year, where Anxiety and Anxiousness had become so usual, every single person suffered due to the pandemic, lockdown affected badly the daily living of the individuals. But in between all the chaos and havoc, there were positive minds operating with enthusiasm and confidence to turn the situation on the favorable side. Bizgyani The Solidarity Organisation that took advantage of this pandemic by providing extraordinary and incredible chance to numerous folk to learn and earn in the easiest possible manner along with which they provided productive training schemes to educate and influence the people for their promising future. 

So BIZGYANI came up with a challenge to make the outstanding skill-based education inexpensive and available in every Indian household. 
Whether you are a student, a fresher, a homemaker, or a working professional, this organization seeks to make you skilled and gain financial freedom. This team is working on a modest mission of working for you to make these dreams an existence through its rare learning platform. The Founder and CEO of BIZGYANI is MR. GAURAV PRAMANIK. 
Along with them they have a very bright Management and core team including, 
MR. SHUAIB ISHRAT (Co. Founder), MR. CHAYAN RAJMALLA (COO), MR. ROHAN BHATT (CMO) & VICKY PATEL (GM). The man behind establishing this firm on the foundation of his massive hardship in the marketing field, he laid the first stone by recognizing the depth in the market while functioning and figuring out the norms of the very various lookout of the marketing field, he ultimately developed an ethical network by preparing linked online education in India. An online instruction forum which prepares, privilege to many people in this generation by relaxing and working from home is an amazing experience for the multitudes of this country desiring to influence the ability of the internet and social media. He looks out to being visionary person, who can accomplish his goals by just recognizing it. 
CHAYAN RAJMALLA ( COO OF BIZGYANI) – He being the A Chief Operating Officer of Bizgyani has supported the execution of this amazing empire by his remarkable thoughts coming with the brilliance of the founder Mr. Gaurav Pramanik led this company on different heights with the amazing point of turning this works into an outstanding digitalized space. He has fabulous understanding about all the associative aspects and desires to spread all of the combined knowledge wide around the world. Being positive they started the season of their own which arose in the advancement of BizGyani. 

Firm was started on 1st February 2022 with a vision to give rise to an Aatmanirbhar Bharat in this pandemic; the team has put up BizGyani to a phenomenal point of prosperity in a very short time. Company has distributed an amount of 30 lac.
Plus by its affiliate strategy and aims at a bigger plan in the coming times. The aim of practical skill-based courses, live training and special mentorship with a platform to accomplish financial purposes is an undercover formula for this prosperous dominion. With the practical understanding of the Founders and the continual laborious work of team today, Bizgyani has turned out to be an outstanding corporation. 

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