Ashoke Pandit Questions CBFC Over Denial of Certification for “72 Hoorain” Trailer: Calls for Explanation and Apology


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Renowned filmmaker Ashoke Pandit, co-producer of the upcoming film “72 Hoorain,” has raised concerns about the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) denying a censor certificate for the film’s trailer. Pandit has demanded an explanation from the CBFC, emphasizing that if any mistakes have been made by the panel, they should apologize for their actions.

In an interview, Ashoke Pandit directed a question to CBFC chairperson Prasoon Joshi, seeking clarification regarding the board’s decision. Pandit highlighted the contradiction between the trailer being denied certification while the film, featuring similar shots, received a censor certificate. He urged Joshi to address this inconsistency.

Speaking to news agency ANI in Hindi, Pandit expressed, “We have raised a genuine question since the CBFC asked us to make cuts in the trailer and obtain an ‘A’ certificate. As industry professionals, we demand a clear explanation. If you approved and appreciated the same shots in the film, which has already won a national award, then why is there an issue with the trailer? We need answers, and they have to respond to this question.”

Pandit further stressed that the CBFC and its members are accountable to both the film industry and the public. He urged the CBFC to provide an explanation for their actions, ensuring transparency and avoiding silence on the matter. He emphasized that the industry requires clarification, as it will influence future trailer creations.

“The individuals responsible for this decision should be held accountable, and appropriate actions must be taken. The CBFC has a responsibility and cannot remain silent. This is not a dictatorship. They need to address this issue and set an example by answering the entire industry. If they have made a mistake, they should apologize,” added Pandit.

The CBFC’s role is to ensure that films adhere to established guidelines and classifications, considering audience sensitivities. Therefore, Pandit’s concerns aim to ensure fairness and clarity in the certification process.

In other news, the official trailer of “72 Hoorain” was digitally unveiled by the film’s team. Directed by two-time National Award winner Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan, the film stars Pavan Malhotra and Ameer Bashir in lead roles. Scheduled for release on July 7, “72 Hoorain” is produced by Gulab Singh Tanwar, Kiran Dagar, and Anirudh Tanwar, with Ashoke Pandit serving as co-producer. Earlier, the film’s team had unveiled a teaser in 10 different languages, generating anticipation among audiences.

As the industry awaits an explanation from the CBFC regarding the denial of certification for the “72 Hoorain” trailer, the incident serves as a reminder of the importance of transparent and consistent decision-making processes in the realm of film certification.

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