“1920: Horrors of the Heart” Makes Decent Box Office Collection of ₹5.42 Crore: Vikram Bhatt’s Latest Horror Flick Performs Respectably


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The latest installment in the 1920 horror franchise, titled “1920: Horrors of the Heart,” produced by Vikram Bhatt and directed by Krishna V Bhatt, has made a respectable earning at the domestic box office during its opening weekend. The film, starring Avika Gor and Rahul Dev in lead roles, was the sole major Bollywood release on June 23.

Despite receiving mixed reviews from critics, “1920: Horrors of the Heart” managed to attract audiences and generate a decent box office collection, primarily due to the lack of competition from other releases.

Vikram Bhatt’s horror franchise has built a dedicated fan base over the years, and this fifth installment seemed to tap into that audience’s interest. The film’s intriguing storyline and atmospheric scares contributed to its box office success, despite the critical reception.

The weekend earnings for “1920: Horrors of the Heart” amounted to ₹5.42 crore, showcasing a promising start for the film. While the exact breakdown of the box office collection is yet to be revealed, the film’s performance indicates a positive response from the audience.

Vikram Bhatt’s daughter, Krishna V Bhatt, made her directorial debut with this installment of the franchise, bringing her unique vision to the horror genre. Avika Gor and Rahul Dev delivered commendable performances, adding depth and intensity to their respective roles.

As the only major Bollywood release during the weekend, “1920: Horrors of the Heart” had an advantage in terms of audience attention and screen availability. This factor, combined with the popularity of the franchise, contributed to its box office success.

Despite the mixed critical reviews, the film’s performance at the box office highlights the enduring appeal of horror movies among Indian audiences. With its atmospheric storytelling and well-executed scares, “1920: Horrors of the Heart” managed to draw audiences to theaters and generate a respectable box office earning.

As the days progress, it remains to be seen how the film will sustain its momentum and attract more viewers. The competition from upcoming releases and word-of-mouth reviews will play a crucial role in determining the film’s overall success.

Overall, “1920: Horrors of the Heart” has made a promising start at the box office, showcasing the enduring popularity of the 1920 horror franchise and the audience’s continued interest in the genre.

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