When Creativity Meets A Hardworking Personality, Success Comes As A Blessing- Miss. Jyotirmayee Panda


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The face of creative woman writer of the year 2023 Miss. Jyotirmayee Panda is one inspiration for all the struggling girls out here. She is an emerging writer who want to write deep thoughts and impressions of her mind on paper to make them visualize to the world.

“A writer can change society with his/her pen, remove negativity.” This is the lesson of her writing life that she has come to terms with.

Q/A with Creative Writer Jyotirmayee

 Qs.1) What Was Your Favourite Journey?

She says”If I were to talk about my favorite journey as a writer, I would say that in Gaining popularity in a short time, from several sites , “Golden Batch Holder”, “Next Great Podcaster”, “The Best Writer Of The Week” twice, “The Best Writer Of The Month” twice, and this time i have been nominated as “The Best Writer Of The Year” . Along with this, recently I Co-Authored 120 books, Authored 10 books and Compiled 4 books, which are sold on Amazon and various other platforms. “SOPHROSYNE” book is my first book as a Co- Writer. Also, I have opened my own motivational channel for people, which is gradually becoming popular with people under the name “JJ Motivation”. Recently I have won Asia’s Top 100 Influencial Women Awards For “Young Writer And Motivational Speaker 2023” , highest civilian award of National Book Of Records “Bharat Vibhushan” ,50 UNDER’50- Global Inspiring Women’s  Award- 2023 For “Emerging Writer” , NayeRahi Winner Of Valentine’s Week – 2023 , Cosmic Inception Publication “Literacy Award For The Year 2023” And  IWHM- INSPIRATION AWARD-2023 For “Young Inspiring Writer Of The Year -2023” .To say that the journey from zero to here was my favorite journey. “

Qs.2) What Advice Would You Give To Aspiring Authors?

She says – I am nothing as I am today or even now, I have a lot more to do which is possible with everyone’s blessings, so it is not a suggestion, I would just say that write such articles that the society will change and the society will get some good message. All the unjust oppression will be removed at the stroke of a pen. And this country will become “Ram Rajya”.

Qs.3) To Whom Would You Like To Dedicate Your Success ?

She says – First of all, my beloved Jagannath, nothing in this creation is possible without God . So the first gratitude I will offer to God, then to all the members of my two families, The first one is my house and the second one is my office, Later I will thank all my school teacher “Khirod Kumar Biswal”, My well wishers one of whom is “Pravat sir” for whose prayers I have reached here today, and all my readers with whom all this was possible.


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