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India has always been a hub of talent and skill. We have seen people from various walks of life at the forefront. Still, most of the limelight is taken by Bollywood stars, cricketers, politicians, and other notable personalities. Today, we have picked three most inspiring Indian personalities of the year 2022 who have done wonders in their field of work.

Three Most Inspiring Indian Personalities Of The Year 2022 are:

  • Dr. Suresh Prasad Verma
  • Sneha Jain
  • Divya Sinha

Let us know about each of them and read a magnificent write-up penned by them.


Dr. Suresh Prasad Verma is an Indian police officer, writer, poet, thinker, change maker, and nation builder.

He is a Delhi University Alumnus. Under the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, he is a police officer selected through UPSC.  He is a writer, poet, thinker, change maker and nation builder. He is also a research scholar pursuing PhD. He also got success in UGC-NET (for Lecturer) in his first attempt.  He has also done courses from IIM Ranchi, BIT Mesra Ranchi, IITTM, Pusa New Delhi etc.

Dr. Verma has initiated a university “Parshwanath International University” in the most backward district of Jharkhand state. He has initiated the formation of a university in Bodhgaya by the name of “Buddha International University”.  He participates in dozens of national and international festivals like Bharatvarsha/Parshvanath Mahotsav, New Delhi / Shri Ram International Literature Festival, Ranchi Literature Festival, ‘Gatha’ etc. is the founder of organizations.

He has previously been honored with the Ashoka Sahitya Akademi Award, Bharatendu, Global/National Sahitya Samman etc.  He has written more than 4 books till now, and his books are also available on Amazon and Flipkart.

Dr. Suresh is changing India through “Parivartan Bharat or Change India”.  He has been honored by the Honorary Doctorate for Public Service.  He was called on 18 December 2022 in Ras-al-Khamieh, Egypt. UNBest Diplomats for their best efforts and contribution as change makers to organizations. Recently, he has also been awarded the degree of D.Litt.

Contact – 7888757530



Sneha Jain is a multiple award-winning young author of five books from Karnal. She writes to motivate and inspire people and is particularly known for women empowerment themes in her writings.

Sneha Jain is a 21-year-old author from Karnal, Haryana, India. She started writing when she was 18 years old and got her first book published in 2020. The book was named “The visionary lights from a dark mind “. It consists of some easily readable and relatable poems. Her second book “She -The Withered Flower” (an e-book) released in July 2021.It depicts the various things that the female gender goes through. It is a step to raise voice against the cruelty , the girls and the women face in this world, hence showing how the female gender suffers yet blooms with a little sunshine of respect and love.

Sneha Jain , being a girl herself, could bring out the female gender’s life difficulties and the victory over them , quite gracefully. She is of the opinion that no female is inferior to the other and only a little motivation, love, care and respect may do wonders. She aims to help each female of the world to be respected and successful. Her motive to write is to bring out the reality of the world in all aspects and encourage the female gender worldwide.

Her third book “The Jewels of Elegance” was published in 2022. In this book , she has composed poems on 28 jewels of India. Her fourth book “ The Wind and the Grit” is also a collection of poems on general life. Her fifth book “Be the first YOU” is a motivational book which motivates people to establish the identity of own instead of copying others.

All her authored books are available globally. She is a co- author in about 10 books. She has been featured on the cover page of an International literary magazine “The LitVoice Magazine” and “Selfesta magazine” and in an e-newspaper “ Mt. Kenya Times”.

Talk of her achievements, at the age of 19 she started collecting the precious feathers. Not only her arms but she has got her almirah full of awards:-

•World Record as “ASPIRING AUTHOR 2021” by Bravo International Book of Records.

•“The Future Star-Best Debut Author 2021” by Cherry book  Awards

•“Writer’s Ink Awardee 2021” by Applause Awards,

•“Best Writer Of the Year Award -The Opus Talent Awards 2021” by Opus Coliseum ,


“Alpha Talent Awards2021 ” by The Alpha Talent Awards 2021.

•“Top 100 Women Icon2021” by the fox clues India Prime Awards.

•”Tagore Commemorative” by Ne8x.

•”Kalam Ratna Award 2021 “ by Kalam Foundation.

•”Asia Top 100 Influential Women of India2021” byTimes crown.

•”Asia’s 100 most inspirational people Award 2021.”.

•India top 100 women Icon award 2021

•Spotlight Youth Icon Award 2021.

•India Top 100 Women Award 2021 by foxclues.

•Top 100 Authors of India 2021.

•”Ms. Resolute” by Feminarc Awards (Awards Arc)

•”Women leadership award 2022” by Nation Choice.

•”Best in Excellence “ under NARI EK SHAKTI by The Crazy Tales.

•Empowered Women Award by Glantorxnation choice.

•Rabindranath Tagore literature award 2022

•Bharat Kavi Ratna Award 2022

•Rashtriya Ratan award 2022


•Inspirational 2022 award

Sneha writes to motivate and inspire people. Usually, one gets related to her writings in a fraction of seconds. She believes in expressing the reality of the world in words. Most of her writings are of women empowerment themes. She believes that everyone needs to voice up their opinions


Divya Sinha from Madhya Pradesh is an iconic writer, a co-author of over 2000 compilations, compiler of 300+ anthologies, and project head for 100+ anthologies.

She started her writing journey from September 2021. She got inspiration to write after reading Munshi Premchand and Mahadevi Verma.  Divya Sinha has knowledge of 12 Indian languages. She has worked as ‘Head of Digital Marketing’ in Sunsoli Company (Indian Publication) in 2021. She has been the co-founder of ‘Pen and Pencil Society Publication’ (Indian Company) till December 2022. She worked as a manager (From August 2022 to December 2022) in Writer’s Paradise Publication (American Publication).

She has written in international magazines, she has also received many honors and she is the author of stories named ‘Gurudakshina’, ‘Ishq Ya Ashq’, ‘Jawab Ka Sawal’.

 Instagram – _thefactfever

 YouTube – The Fact Fever

 Twitter – @thefactfever

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