The Crunk Factory is not just a wedding venue – it is an experience.


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The Crunk Factory is a resort that offers end-to-end wedding solutions to its guests. The resort is designed to cater to all your wedding needs, from pre-wedding festivities to main events and even post-wedding celebrations.

Located in the heart of the scenic countryside, at Manchenahalli, Chikkaballapur,
Bangalore. Just an hour and a half drive from Bangalore and 35 km from Bengaluru International Airport.

At The Crunk Factory, quality of service is given utmost importance. The resort boasts a highly trained staff dedicated to ensuring that every aspect of your wedding is perfect. Whether it is the décor, the food, or the entertainment, you can rest assured that everything will be taken care of to the highest standards.

But what truly sets The Crunk Factory apart is its attention to detail.
The resort’s wedding planners work closely with you to ensure that every aspect of your wedding is tailored to your unique vision. Every piece is carefully planned and executed perfectly, from the flowers to the lighting.

The Crunk Factory

“Your Dream Destination Wedding Venue”

Spread Over 3.5 Acres

30,000 Sqft of Open Outdoor Lawn

500+ Seating Indoor Cafe themed Banquet Hall

200+ Car Parking

Accommodation for 75 Pax

Kitchen Access

Decor, Lighting, Music, Catering, Transportation

Amidst Nature and Hills

The Crunk Factory is a resort that offers end-to-end wedding solutions to its guests. The resort is designed to cater to all your wedding needs, from pre-wedding festivities to main events and even post-wedding celebrations.

The Crunk Factory is also known for its breathtaking views. The resort is surrounded by lush greenery and rolling hills, providing a picturesque backdrop for your wedding photos. The resort’s outdoor spaces are perfect for an alfresco wedding, while the indoor venues offer a more intimate setting.

Are you planning to tie the knot soon? If you dream of a wedding that is nothing short of a fairytale?
Look no further than,

The Crunk Factory – a destination wedding venue that is truly one- of-a-kind.


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