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“Suga Unveils Startling Reason for IU’s Unmet RM Contact Request”

The recent episode of "Suchwita," featuring South Korea's soloist IU, has shed light on an untold chapter in her connection with BTS and the unforeseen circumstances surrounding her contact request for RM, divulging unexpected complexities and emotional intricacies.

Sonu Nigam Opens Up About Early Industry Struggles with Anu Malik: “The More You Push, the More You Get Pushed”

In a candid interview, renowned Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam opens up about his early days in the industry, discussing how he overcame intimidation by composer Anu Malik, who later became his mentor and collaborator on various hit songs.

Varun K. Aich, AKA LiL V: From Rock Band Frontman to Global Chart-Topper.

LiL V, the versatile musical sensation known for his captivating vocals, genre-bending creations, and multilingual prowess, has taken the music industry by storm. Born Varun K. Aich is an Indie artist and his journey from a rock band's lead vocalist to a global chart-topper is nothing short of extraordinary.

Unveiling Rohit Pushkarna: Music, Mystery, and Bollywood Legacy.

Rohit Pushkarna, a versatile artist hailing from Amritsar, India, is quickly becoming a household name in the world of music and entertainment. With his vibrant music, charismatic personality, and a growing fan base, he's poised to make a significant mark in the industry. Let's delve into the life and career of this emerging star.

Youthful Maestro: Abhishek Rawal’s Unconventional Journey to Artistic Eminence.

Sirohi, Rajasthan — In a world where talent knows no age, Abhishek Rawal has emerged as a beacon of creativity, captivating hearts with his harmonious melodies and captivating visuals. At a mere age of 18, while most youths are grappling with the uncertainty of their future, Abhishek embarked on his musical and visual journey in July 2018, etching his name into the annals of the music and art industry.

Lonewolf: Unleashing His Musical Mastery with “Tere Sath Main”

In the vast landscape of the music industry, where artists often come together to create harmonious melodies, there exists a rare breed of talented individuals who choose to traverse the musical wilderness alone. Among these lone wolves is a prodigious singer, producer, composer, and writer who goes by the enigmatic moniker of Lonewolf. With an impressive portfolio that spans multiple creative domains, Lonewolf is all set to captivate the world once again with his upcoming release, "Tere Sath Main."