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YIFW Little princess international India 2023 – Sai Chedhaswi: A Little Star with Big Dreams – From Kerala to the World of Modelling.

In the heartwarming state of Kerala, amidst lush greenery and vibrant culture, a little star has emerged with dreams as vast as the open skies. Sai Chedhaswi, a name that exudes energy and promise, is a grade 2 student with a passion for modelling that is as captivating as the landscapes of her birthplace, Calicut.

“Empowering Event Planners: The Unstoppable Rise of Eventspedia”

"Unveiling the Genius Behind Eventspedia: Meet the Co-founders, Sunny Makasare and Kunal Rathod" Behind every successful venture, there are passionate individuals who breathe life into the vision. Eventspedia is no exception, with two dynamic co-founders at the helm: Sunny Makasare and Kunal Rathod.

Pratham Mittal: The Passionate Writer with a Record-Breaking Streak.

Pratham Mittal, hailing from the city of culture, Vadodara in Gujarat, is a young author who has taken the literary world by storm. He is not just a writer, but also an achiever, holding 12 world records to his name. He is passionate, positive, and crazy about his dreams and goals, with a heart full of love and affection for those around him.