“Sunny Deol Reveals Insights on Shelved ‘Border 2’ Project and Sequel Plans”


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Sunny Deol Reveals Plans for 'Border 2' and Reasons Behind its Shelving

Renowned actor Sunny Deol recently disclosed that he was initially set to embark on the journey of creating “Border 2” back in 2015. However, due to the lukewarm response to one of his films and a lack of confidence, the project was shelved. In an interview on “The Ranveer Show,” Sunny shed light on the circumstances that led to the postponement of the anticipated sequel.

Sunny Deol shared that the idea of extending his past film franchises, including the iconic war film “Border,” was in consideration. However, the hesitation stemmed from the outcome of his 2015 film, which did not perform as anticipated. This led to apprehensions among the filmmakers, and they opted to postpone the project. In hindsight, Sunny noted that there is currently heightened interest in resuming the venture, as evident from the enthusiasm among both the creators and the audience.

While reminiscing about his iconic characters from films like “Border,” Sunny expressed his desire to further develop these roles in the form of sequels. He emphasized the need for the story to be crafted in a manner that justifies the continuation of these beloved characters. Sunny cited the immense connection the audience has with these roles and the expectation for a fulfilling cinematic experience, similar to what he achieved with the success of “Gadar 2.”

Sunny’s recent venture, “Gadar 2,” has garnered immense success at the Indian box office, crossing the impressive mark of ₹450 crore.

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