Nilesh Kumar Agarwal: A Mythological Maestro Honored with Best Author Award Organised by fashion wave magazine and Shivaay Media.


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Nilesh Kumar Agarwal: A Mythological Maestro Honored with Best Author Award Organised by fashion wave magazine and Shivaay Media.

On the dazzling evening of July 15th, 2023, the world of fashion and media joined hands to celebrate creativity and brilliance at an illustrious awards ceremony hosted by none other than Fashion Wave Magazine and Shivaay Media. The star-studded event was a sight to behold, graced by eminent personalities and luminaries from various industries. Amidst the glimmering lights and resounding applause, one man stood out for his exceptional contribution to Indian mythology – Nilesh Kumar Agarwal, who was bestowed with the prestigious “Best Author in the Mythological Category” award.

Nilesh Kumar Agarwal, a true connoisseur of ancient Indian traditions and values, has dedicated his life to enlightening society about the profound insights hidden within mythological narratives. His unwavering belief in the purpose of human existence and the need to uplift society through knowledge and wisdom has been the driving force behind his remarkable literary journey.

The path that led Nilesh to the summit of literary excellence was not without its trials and tribulations. Having traversed various professional terrains and worked with esteemed companies like Nascent Retails Pvt. Ltd., Naswiz Holidays, Kotak, Convergys, FIS, Ashlar Securities, Wipro, HCL, Aycom Solutions, and Dell, he encountered setbacks that could have deterred many. However, Nilesh’s unwavering spirit and determination fueled his quest to find his true calling in life.

In a moment of profound self-discovery in 2020, Nilesh chose to embark on a transformative journey, bidding adieu to his corporate pursuits and immersing himself in his passion for writing. His debut masterpiece, “Indian Traditions and Their Scientific Reasons,” struck a harmonious chord with readers, resonating with over 80,000 hearts within a year of its release. This immense success propelled him forward, compelling him to explore the vast depths of mythology, giving rise to acclaimed works like “Shiva Vaani,” “Krishna Vaani,” “Shree Ganesh,” and “Thirukkural.”

Not content with mere written words, Nilesh took to the airwaves with his captivating podcasts, “Shiva Vaani” and “Kamyab Kaise Bane,” where he artfully intertwined ancient wisdom with modern sensibilities. These podcasts soon garnered a massive following, crossing the remarkable milestone of 100,000 listens across diverse platforms.

Yet, Nilesh’s journey of making a positive impact on society did not end with his literary and digital endeavors. Guided by a benevolent spirit, he established the Nilesh Stallion Foundation, an NGO that extended medical assistance to all living beings and nurtured environmentally friendly start-ups. Through his foundation, Nilesh has touched countless lives, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those he has aided.

Amidst a captivating ambience, Nilesh Kumar Agarwal was humbly presented with the “Best Author in the Mythological Category” award by the esteemed celebrity Anupriya Goenka. The audience erupted with applause, recognizing the immense talent and altruism that Nilesh had displayed throughout his journey.

In his acceptance speech, Nilesh expressed heartfelt gratitude to Fashion Wave Magazine, Shivaay Media, and all those who have been a part of his incredible odyssey. He dedicated the award to his loving family, whose unwavering support and encouragement have been the bedrock of his success.

As the event came to a close, it was clear that Nilesh Kumar Agarwal’s passion for mythology, commitment to education, and compassionate philanthropy have earned him a place among the literary greats. His life and work continue to inspire countless individuals, encouraging them to pursue their passions, surmount obstacles, and contribute positively to society. With his pen as his wand, Nilesh exemplifies the essence of a true storyteller, a mythological maestro, and a beacon of hope for a brighter and more enlightened tomorrow.


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