“BTS’ V and Suga Reunite on Suchwita, Tease Bon Voyage 5 Plans and V’s Layover Album”


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BTS' V Joins Suga on Suchwita, Reveals Plans for Bon Voyage 5 in Northern Europe After Group Reunion in 2025

BTS fans have a lot to look forward to as Kim Taehyung (V) joins Suga on the upcoming episode of Suga’s popular drinking show, “Suchwita.” A recently released promo for the episode teases exciting discussions about V’s solo debut album, Layover, and the much-anticipated BTS reunion in 2025, along with plans for Bon Voyage 5 in Northern Europe.

In the teaser, V and Suga share some light-hearted moments, with V playfully spinning Suga around while discussing various topics. V opens up about his upcoming album, Layover, expressing his excitement for his solo debut and the self-discovery that comes with it.

The conversation also touches on BTS’s past experiences, including their time in Paris. V mentions their unfulfilled desire to witness an aurora, to which Suga responds, “When all seven of us gather together…,” hinting at the group’s reunion plans.

One exciting revelation in the teaser is the announcement of BTS’s Bon Voyage Season 5. Suga points to the crew members and confirms their involvement, while V shares that the new season will take place somewhere in Northern Europe. This news has left ARMY (BTS’s fanbase) buzzing with anticipation.

Fans took to social media platforms, expressing their excitement for the upcoming episode. One user wrote, “The episode looks so much fun! I missed them so much and them reminiscing their Bon Voyage memories?? I am watching BV right now.” Another fan tweeted, “The teaser is soooo goooooddd. Thank you BTS.”

While the teaser showcased V and Suga’s lively interaction, it did not fully reveal Kim Taehyung’s face. Suga, the host, introduced V as the ‘most handsome face in the world’ and mentioned V’s Guinness World Record for the fastest social media following when he joined Instagram.

Kim Taehyung is currently immersed in the promotions for his upcoming solo debut album, Layover, which comprises six highly anticipated songs. He recently revealed that he shot part of the album at Jungkook’s house, and Jungkook was the first to hear his songs. Jungkook shared his thoughts on Layover during a live session, praising V’s talent.

Fans can mark their calendars for the release of Layover on September 8, followed by the new episode of Suchwita on September 11 at 10 pm KST, where the conversation promises to be both comfortable and entertaining for BTS enthusiasts worldwide.

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